Hello! My name is Amanda I’m an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor in Philadelphia. My purpose is to educate you, and empower you to take your fitness and your confidence into your own hands.

There is so much information out there about the “best and fastest way” to get fit, the “newest and best” diets, and the trendiest self-care practices. In one way, I’m so thankful that this is something that’s at the forefront of the news, our Instagram feeds and our minds. It could be worse. However, I know firsthand that its hard to decipher what’s real and what’s complete BS. As a certified trainer, my bullsh*t radar is stronger than most. My goal is to help others achieve real results and accomplish their goals for REAL - through really fun, really challenging, really sustainable and really effective workouts.

My own love of fitness started with running. I was, admittedly, lazy and averse to any and all exercise until I started college at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Running became a way to battle the freshman fifteen, clear my mind, and have a tiny bit of control of the chaos of college campus life. I started entering races, and eventually completed the Philadelphia Marathon when I was 21.

I still love running, but I found a whole new level of enthusiasm when I started to learn about resistance training. Running is such a constant for me - I can do it anywhere, and I know I can count on a good sweat and clear mind. However, lifting weights and interval training changed the game for me. I started seeing real results, real changes, and a real big confidence boost. I haven’t stopped training this way since, and I’ve learned so much about fitness and about myself in the process.

This is a feeling I want everyone to experience. This is the reason I became a trainer. And this is the reason that I’m so happy we found each other.